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Bathing allows cleansing of the skin and removal of accumulated foreign matter. Bathing displaces dead skin, prevents irritations and rashes that would otherwise transform into infections, and washes away waste materials that can interfere with the normal functioning of the skin. Bathing allows people to maintain acceptable social standards of cleanliness and to refresh, revive, and relax through the washing process.

One of the first things family caregivers notice among their aging loved ones is a decline in personal care. Often when we become more limited in our ability to perform the activities of daily living, grooming and hygiene are neglected. It's at this stage that one is in need of some solutions that aid in bathing and personal grooming, and perhaps ultimately, outside assistance.

The fundamental purpose of bathing is to maintain health and physical well being of the body. While most young, able-bodied people do not think twice about taking bath, bathing is more difficult, more time consuming and more hazardous for older people.

ELDERLUXE presents a number of more luxurious personal grooming products that takes some of the stress out of bathing and personal care. From long handled brushes, to adjustable mirrors, to dressing kits and reachers and towel warmers, we offer many fine amenities for your boudoir in keeping you at your personal health best.

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