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the Lapper Tray

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The Lappers are ergonomically designed and patented non slip dinner trays. Think: an updated version of a TV Tray or cafeteria style tray- easy to transport and convenient for chair or in-bed meals. They feature indentions for your dishes that are fitted with removable 100-percent silicone mats. The silicone mats keep all types of dishes(paper, plastic, porcelain, Styrofoam) in place and are perfect for dining away from the table. The silicone mats can be used as hot pads and pot holders withstanding temperatures up to 500 degrees. All pieces are dishwasher safe on the bottom rack.  

"If you are not eating at your table, you need a Lapper."

Lapper Trays are made of a very durable plastic called melamine and have indentions for the dishes that are fitted with spill proof, removable silicon mats. Lappers are completely dishwasher safe, nest into each other for easy storage, and have new, redesigned handles. Dishes remain in place even when the lap trays are tilted and turned! Lappers are fabulously fun as well as practical and multi-functional. Whether you are having a meal on the sofa or patio, breakfast in bed or watching the big game, Lapper Trays allow you indulge in a stylish and spill proof meal.

Designed by a working mother, the Lappers were created out of the growing frustration of insufficient TV trays. Ashley Hatcher created a product she wanted for her family and took the Lappers to market in 2006. Never realizing the tremendous impact the Lappers would have on people that span from small children to elderly people for both men and women, the Lappers have been a tremendous "HIT". Whether having dinner in front of the TV, in bed, or at a picnic, the Lappers just "WORK".  


  • Keeps dishes in place at up to a 65-degree angle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stores conveniently
  • Large comfortable handles
  • Made from strong, durable melamine plastic  
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