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The All-Terrain cane
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The All-Terrain cane
  • The All-Terrain cane
  • All terrain four tip cane in five colors
  • All Terrain bronze cane
  • All terrain cane in pink
  • Red All-Terrain walking cane
  • All Terrain Cane in Champagne
The All-Terrain cane

All Terrain Four Tip Adjustable Walking Cane with Reflector

Price: $110.00 $79.99

Unique Walking Cane with All-Terrain Viability

Take a long look at this unique walking cane with pivoting low profile "quad" tips that connect with the surface like no other. It's novel built-in shock absorber removes the additional stress of uneven surfaces.  

Unique shock absorbing tips

Personalize to your size- multiple custom adjustment positions to fit your height supremely.

Enjoy the comfort grip handle that features a built-in reflector in the rear so you'll be noticed at night.  Includes a free wrist strap.


Smallest size is 30" then can be adjusted from 33.5" up to 42.5"

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