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Alpacca Silver Slash nose
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Alpacca Silver Slash nose
  • Alpacca Silver Slash nose
  • Deluxe wrist strap included!
Alpacca Silver Slash nose

Alpacca Silver Slashed Nose Crook cane

Price: $379.99 $329.99

Unique European "Slashed" Crook design

Critically acclaimed unique design is rarer in this world, all-too-often something "unique" means offbeat or unusual. Not so in this find from Germany. A subtle facet on the end of this traditional crook creates a light catching feature sure to catch a few eyes as well. This German imported hand-crafted Alpacca silver slashed nose crook handle is handsomely mounted on a genuine 36" black maple shaft tapering from 7/8" to 3/4".

What is Alpacca Silver?

Alpacca metal is an alloy of sterling silver and zinc with nickel added to increase its strength and prevent excessive tarnishing. This particular Alpacca slashed nose handle is imported from Germany. UPC 6 03832 12000 9.

Includes complimentary wrist strap and we will custom size (cut, from 36") this cane to your preference!

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