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Antler Crosshandle Walking Cane with Blackthorn Shaft

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United Kingdom

Antler cross-handle atop the beauty of the Blackthorn

This is a true country walking cane, crafted from the "crown" of a stag's antler and mounted upon a genuine Blackthorn shaft. A wonderful heirloom-worthy specimen.

From your first interaction, you find this to be a very hearty and traditional country person's stick. The antler cross piece forms a characterful handle, held with the crown to the front of the hand. It is mounted on a sturdy length of blackthorn, one of the most highly prized woods for stick making on account of its rich colour and uneven bark. It is fitted with a plain metal ferrule and rubber tip and the overall height is approximately 38".

Imported from the UK. This is a walking stick with great provenance.


  • Genuine stag's horn "crown
  • Genuine Blackthorn wood shaft (wood used for shillelagh)

38" approximate, with rubber ferrule.

Note: Fissures, cracks and imperfections are characteristic of natural wood canes such as these. Take care to store in a well-humidified area as well as drying the sticks carefully should they get wet. And like any cane, avoid dropping the stick and excess weight/leverage which may cause weakening or additional cracks.

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