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Ash Knobstick
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Ash Knobstick
  • Ash Knobstick
  • Ash Knobstick
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Ash Knobstick

Ash Knobstick Rustic Walking Stick

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United Kingdom

Rustic walking stick crafted from Ash Wood.

This traditional coppiced knobstick is fashioned from European white ash. The polished knob handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, while the shaft has a natural bark finish. These rustic ash knobsticks are made in the traditional handcrafted manner from coppicing European white ash wood. Cut in winter, the walking stick is then seasoned for one year before being straightened and finished by hand. Ash is very strong yet flexible wood, ideal as a hiking staff.

There is nothing finer to one's hand than a coppiced knob that feels like taking a trusted friend along for the journey.

Comes with deluxe leather thonged wrist strap, a quite handsome accessory.

Interested in Custom Sizing your knobstick ash cane or walking stick?  We offer complimentary sizing on most canes (some canes are not sizable due to metal material or other factors).  Simply request sizing in the "Comments" section during checkout and we will see to it that your cane is sized/cut accurately.

For information on How to Size your Cane and other common questions about knobsticks, walking sticks and canes, please click HERE for frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about walking canes.

Coppicing is a traditional forestry technique and the method used to produce many styles of rustic walking sticks. Here, young ash tree stems are repeatedly cut down to near ground level. In subsequent growth years, many new shoots will emerge, and, after a number of years the coppiced tree, or stool, is ready to be harvested, and the cycle begins again.

The rounded handle of a knob stick is in fact, fashioned from part of the original tree's trunk.

Coppicing is the ultimate technique for sustainable woodland.

  • Interested in Custom Sizing your cane or walking stick?  We offer complimentary sizing on most canes (some canes are not sizable due to metal material or other factors).  Simply request sizing in the "Comments" section during checkout and we will see to it that your cane is sized accurately.
  • For information on How to Size your Cane and other common questions about walking sticks and canes, please click HERE for frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about walking canes.


  • Choose the correct type of cane for you. There are five main types, and they are listed here in the order you should use them depending on your weight or pain.
    • Cane-single point
    • Quad cane-4 tips
    • Crutch
    • Walker
    • Rollator
  • Use your cane in the hand that is opposite of the side of your pain. For example, if you have a pain in your right leg, use the cane in your left hand.
  • Make sure you have a good grip of the cane and that the fingers and thumb do not overlap.
  • Shift as much weight to the cane as necessary.
  • When ascending stairs, step first with your unaffected leg, placing your foot on the next stair up from where you are, then bring the cane and the affected leg up by straightening that unaffected leg.
  • When descending stairs, step first with the affected leg and cane at the same time and lower yourself slowly by bending your unaffected leg's knee until the stick and your affected legs foot are in firm contact with the next stair down, then bring your unaffected leg down to the same stair.
  • Keep your free hand on the railing when going up or down stairs.
  • Make sure the tips/stoppers on the bottom of the cane/walker are not worn or broken. Get someone to help you replace them if they are.
  • Consider the functionality of the cane, not only its appearance.
  • Select from the various styles of canes by considering the stability each offers.
  • Discuss your options with a doctor, so you know which type of cane will support you the best.
  • An offset, t-handle, ergonomic, derby or Fischer handle is often times the best/optimal choice for maximum support.
  • A crook shaped handle is the worst choice of cane for people with a lot of pain.
  • Shaft: Natural White Ash.
  • Handle: Polished Ash Knob.
  • 36 inch length (approximately).
  • Weight: 10.5 oz (approximately).
  • Leather wrist strap.
  • Rubber traction tip with steel insert for durability.
  • Natural wood, not rated for weight capacity-NOTE: Not suitable for heavy or orthopaedic use.
  • Note: Natural wood sticks are mostly un-modified specimens; as a result they are irregular, organic and less "finished" than other cut and stained type walking sticks. As a consequence:

    • Blackthorns and other root knob/natural state based sticks and canes have irregular cracks, dents, undulations.
    • Some larger cracks may be filled with wood filler in some instances.
    • Natural wood knobsticks are not meant for rigorous support of full weight individuals; rather, these are used for light support and balance while walking, hiking or trekking under average conditions.
    • Sticks should be kept dry, in a moderate environment.
    • Extreme heat or cold can and will cause some sticks to "flake" off exterior bark, despite the light pitch finish used on them.
    • Avoid moisture, water submersion or other wet conditions, they too can distress the natural properties of your cane. Dry your walking stick once indoors if walking in inclement weather. Natural based oils may be use lightly and sparingly.
    • Do not lacquer the stick; you will not be pleased with the outcome.
    • Should you have specific requests please put them into the comments box at checkout or call ahead at 1.888.537.LUXE to discuss options that may be available. Note that specific requests can and may delay your shipment until we receive specimens we feel match your desire.
    • Modifications to or evidence of poor treatment, storage or upkeep will mitigate the 30 day warranty on these sticks.
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