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Bamboo Umbrella Black Stripe
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Bamboo Umbrella Black Stripe
  • Bamboo Umbrella Black Stripe
  • Bamboo Umbrella Gray Stripe
Bamboo Umbrella Black Stripe

Bamboo handle Umbrella with Elegant Stripe Style

Price: $129.99 $99.99

East meets west in this stylish bamboo handle umbrella.

Beautiful and sustainable bamboo handle is crafted for a contemporary pairing with this umbrella's bold yet sophisticated stripe pattern.

Your choice in Black or Gray, either way- you're on your way- in style.

Concierge umbrella notes:

  • A manual umbrella with diagonally vertical lines in black and white stripes creating a slimmer look.
  • This umbrella gives off a sophisticated appearance due to its defined curved angles on the eight panels towards the bottom bringing out the distinctive shape.
  • What is also unique about the umbrella is how it features a curved bamboo handle and bamboo clasp that puts the umbrella together.
  • 34" length, 45" arc
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