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Pistol Grip Blackthorn
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Pistol Grip Blackthorn
  • Pistol Grip Blackthorn
  • Pistol Grip Blackthorn
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Pistol Grip Blackthorn

Blackthorn Walking Cane with Contrasting Pistol Grip

Price: $149.99 $119.99
United Kingdom

A special collectors' blackthorn pistol grip cane.

From Classic Canes in Somerset, England a genuine blackthorn wood shaft with contrasting beechwood "pistol grip handle. The exquisitely shaped knob is a comfortable form known as the pistol grip because of its off-center and rounded form.  It is mounted on a genuine blackthorn shaft distinguished by its knobbly appearance and rich colour.  The walking stick is fitted with a smart brass collar and finished with a metal ferrule and protective rubber tip. The contrast between darker shaft and lighter handle is striking, even while in hand.

Genuine Blackthorn wood is used in this stick.

Blackthorn is a hardwood harvested by the Irish and British Islanders and has long been used for walking canes and even the traditional shillelagh, or war club.  This genuine blackthorn specimen is longer than most, at 38" we will custom size if you wish.


Stick may be custom sized to your personal preference.


Includes a FREE walking cane wrist strap ($5.99 retail value) with our compliments!

Interested in Custom Sizing your cane or walking stick?  We offer complimentary sizing on most canes (some canes are not sizable due to metal material or other factors).  Simply request sizing in the "Comments" section during checkout and we will see to it that your cane is sized accurately.

For information on How to Size your Cane and other common questions about walking sticks and canes, please click HERE for frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about walking canes.

  • Shaft: Blackthorn.
  • Handle: English Beech pistol grip.
  • Accent ring: Brass.
  • 38 inch length-can be cut to size (will lose ferrule).
  • Weight: 11 oz (approximately).
  • Complimentary wrist strap: can be removed.
  • Tip: rubber traction tip with steel insert for durability.
  • Weight capacity: Not rated-natural wood shaft.
  • Note: Natural wood sticks are mostly un-modified specimens; as a result they are irregular, organic and less "finished" than other cut and stained type walking sticks. As a consequence:

    • Blackthorns and other root knob/natural state based sticks and canes have irregular cracks, dents, undulations.
    • Some larger cracks may be filled with wood filler in some instances.
    • Natural wood knobsticks are not meant for rigorous support of full weight individuals; rather, these are used for light support and balance while walking, hiking or trekking under average conditions.
    • Sticks should be kept dry, in a moderate environment.
    • Extreme heat or cold can and will cause some blackthorn sticks to "flake" off exterior bark, despite the light pitch finish used on them.
    • Avoid moisture, water submersion or other wet conditions, they too can distress the natural properties of your cane. Dry your walking stick once indoors if walking in inclement weather. Natural based oils may be use lightly and sparingly.
    • Do not lacquer the stick; you will not be pleased with the outcome.
    • Should you have specific requests please put them into the comments box at checkout or call ahead at 1.888.537.LUXE to discuss options that may be available. Note that specific requests can and may delay your shipment until we receive specimens we feel match your desire.
    • Modifications to or evidence of poor treatment, storage or upkeep will mitigate the 30 day warranty on these sticks.
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