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Checkered shawl collar robe
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Checkered shawl collar robe
  • Checkered shawl collar robe
  • Checkered Pattern closeup
  • Luxury shawl collar robe
Checkered shawl collar robe

Boca Terry Checkered Robe with Shawl Collar

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This wonderful shawl collared spa robe is woven in an unusual, understated checkered velour design. With a balance of soft and plush textures, the unique warmth and weight of the Boca Terry® checkered fabric is fast becoming the new standard in 100% cotton robes. Such a versatile robe, it can be worn all year around and climates ranging from alpine to desert. Many of the world's most exclusive spas choose this checkered velour robe for its combination rich texture and plush comfort.

Choose deluxe piping in white, or distinctive navy when ordering.

Includes 1 pair of free Boca Terry® open toe slippers.


This robe includes:

  • Double belt loops for adjustable belt height
  • Generous pockets
  • Hanger loop for easy storage
  • Navy or white piping available 
  • Cozy roll-up collar and cuffs
  • 100% combed cotton
  • Shawl collar robe has a 52" length with roll-up cuffs.
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