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NATURAL finish
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NATURAL finish

Brazos Free Form Iron Bamboo Walking Cane

Price: $99.00 $79.99
United States

Iron Bamboo cane is lightweight yet very strong
Natural sustainable material made into Brazos walking cane

Crafted from a type of bamboo (classified as a "grass" versus a wood) Iron Bamboo features a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio, making the Iron Bamboo Walking Cane simultaneously one of the lightest and strongest walking canes you'll find. The material's naturally thick walls, coupled with a smooth natural surface makes such an organic cane an easy-to-handle and reliable walking stick.

The hardwood handle is carefully joined to the shaft with a skilled mortise and tenon joint used for centuries by fine furniture makers. This cane is considered "rustic" in that what you get is what comes naturally- in form. Each cane is quite unique you see, and will offer you timeless joy on every journey you undertake.

Crafted in the USA, Brazos Walking Sticks.

Free Wrist strap included with our compliments.

Cane may be custom sized to your preference: please indicate above and add in your length requirement in the comments section at checkout.

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