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Staghorn thumbstick with whistle
Staghorn thumbstick with whistle
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British Thumbstick with Staghorn handle and Whistle

Price: $169.00

Rustic Staghorn Thumbstick

We curate a number of UK country thumbsticks but this might just be the most unique. Hand crafted in Great Britain, these walking stick specimens are assigned in small quantities and created to the highest standards of workmanship. The handle is made of a genuine "V" staghorn and features a hazel wood shaft.

A Whistle carved into the Antler Handle!

The added attraction of this stick is that one prong of the thumbstick has been carved to form a whistle - reassuring when hiking alone. Or, it serves as a great training tool for your canine while afield.

Please when comparing realize this luxury stick measures a full 53 inches in length and features the more desirable hazel wood shaft versus a more generic labeled imported hardwood.

Custom made, please allow 3 weeks minimum for delivery.


  • Fitted with an antler V-shaped handle, to be carried with the thumb resting in the V.
  • A whistle is incorporated into one side of the handle, so is easily accessible when high pitched communication with one's canine friend becomes necessary.
  • The shaft is made from hazel wood, prized for its interesting color and texture.
  • Fitted with a metal ferrule.
  • Overall height approx. 135cm (53").
  • Natural wood, not rated for weight capacity.
    NOTE: Not suitable for heavy or orthopaedic use.
    Note: Fissures, cracks and imperfections are characteristic of natural wood canes such as these. Take care to store in a well-humidified area as well as drying the sticks carefully should they get wet. And like any cane, avoid dropping the stick and excess weight/leverage which may cause weakening or additional cracks.
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