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California tax paid to California drop shipper

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“California tax paid to California drop shipper”  

Sales tax is owed for items purchased from a retailer outside of California but shipped from an originating facility within California, levied by the Board of Equalization there. While ELDERLUXE is an Illinois based company with sole nexus in Illinois, we do ship directly from wholesale/retail entities within California from time to time thus creating a sales tax liability that is paid by the California party.

This additional "California tax paid" is the tax we are charged on the item we are shipping from warehouse in the State of California to a location within California. We do not profit from this charge and it only serves to cover the cost of that tax burden passed on to ELDERLUXE by our wholesale partner and based on the retail selling price.

We provide a custom link for each customer based on that tax responsibility upon applicable purchases (e.g. Trionic branded goods). The California shipper will file the required tax payment when due with the State of California as required by law.

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