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Chrome Travel Classic
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Chrome Travel Classic
  • Chrome Travel Classic
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Chrome Travel Classic

Chrome Classic Folding Travel Cane with Quilted Wallet

Price: $99.00 On Sale $79.99
United Kingdom

Chrome Classic Folding Travel Cane with Quilted Wallet

Unlike any other, a beautiful folding travel cane that looks as good "on the road" as it does at any formal occasion.  With an embellished design upon a silver chrome handle you can be at-the-ready for any event that might come your way.

Chrome Travel Cane

A tad more elegant, this chrome handle travel cane is imported from the UK with a patterned chrome handle and chrome collar. The black, aluminium shaft is height adjustable and is fitted with a non-slip black rubber tip ferrule. This traveler is supplied with a neat, black, quilted wallet, in which it may be stored when not in use.

  • Length is adjustable from 33" to37" in 1" increments
  • Weight is just under 1 lb.
  • The stick diameter (bottom section) is 3/4".
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