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Contour CPAP pillow accessory kit
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Contour CPAP pillow accessory kit
  • Contour CPAP pillow accessory kit
  • CPAP accessory kit
Contour CPAP pillow accessory kit

CPAP PIllow Accessory Kit by Contour

Price: $59.00 On Sale $39.99


Take your Contour® CPAP Pillow to the next level

With this handy accessory kit, you can enhance your comfort and support four ways:

  • The 1-inch foam insert allows you to increase the height of the pillow, which is ideal for larger individuals and those who have broad shoulders because it helps adjust your sleeping position.
  • An extra deep custom tailored pillow cover accommodates the added thickness and it is comfort-quilted to provide a plush sleeping surface.
  • The built-in tether helps increase hose control which minimizes distractions during sleep.
  • The 6-foot zippered velour hose cover reduces reduce hose condensation. 

Each kit includes:

  • An additional washable pillowcase tailored to fit your Contour CPAP Pillow.
  • A removable 1 inch thick foam booster layer to add additional height and support to suit your sleeping preference.
  • A tether attached to the top of the pillowcase to help control hose movement during the night.
  • A 6 foot quilted zippered hose cover for easier handling and insulation of humidified air, helping reduce condensation.

Accessory kit includes 1-inch foam insert, pillow cover, hose tether and hose cover. Tailored pillow cover is machine washable.

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