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Crystal collar handbag cane
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Crystal collar handbag cane
  • Crystal collar handbag cane
  • Crystal Collar folding and adjustable cane
  • Complimentary Wrist Loop
Crystal collar handbag cane

Crystal Collar Adjustable and Folding travel cane

Price: $99.99 On Sale $89.99

Glamorous 3 rows of Crystal, one beatiful walking cane

A quite nice and stylish folding cane with a glamorous collar featuring three rows of glittering crystals. The shaft is black, anodised aluminium, and carefully fitted with a black painted wooden derby handle.

The cane comes with a smart black quilted wallet with a zip, in which to place it when not in use. An ideal accessory for a chic walking stick user. It is adjustable from approx 32.5-35.5" and is fitted with a discreet non-slip 5/8" black rubber ferrule tip.

Weighs in at a mere 9.5 ounces. Makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

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