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Edwardian .925 silver walking stick
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Edwardian .925 silver walking stick
  • Edwardian .925 silver walking stick
  • Includes FREE Wrist Strap
Edwardian .925 silver walking stick

Edwardian Genuine .925 Silver Scepter Walking Stick

Price: $279.99 $199.99

Sceptre, a stick of royalty

Edwardian Genuine .925 silver sceptre walking stick provides a vintage flair when requiring an accessory moreso than a supportive walking cane. Kiln-dried hardwood shaft is slender and sleek and capped with a .925 silver long-cap, with intricate organic design.

This particular walking stick is rated at most for helping you maintain balance, it is not recommended for support, moreso as a definitive decorative accessory.

  • 36" length, can be custom sized
  • Black lacquered hardwood shaft, thin profile.
  • .925 Silver scepter long-cap
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