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Chrome Tri-Optic Vanity Mirror
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Chrome Tri-Optic Vanity Mirror
  • Chrome Tri-Optic Vanity Mirror
  • Tri-Optic Brass Vanity Mirror
  • Beautuful Pedestal Mirror, multi-Power Optical Grade
  • Slim profile
Chrome Tri-Optic Vanity Mirror

Zadro's Tri-Optics Vanity Mirror 1x/3x/8x

Price: $119.00 $89.99

A Trinity of Perfection: Tri-Optics Mirrors

Simply perfection. Looking our best requires reflecting YOUR very best. With three magnifications to choose from, perfecting your hair and makeup has never been more convenient.

Zadro's Tri-Optics Vanity Mirror features three optical quality glass mirrors to ensure the clearest reflection of your true self.

The larger mirror has 1X magnification, which is great for all-around hairstyling and makeup application. The smaller inset mirror is dual-sided and swivels 360°. 

One side of the inset mirror has 3X magnification, which is ideal for close-ups. The other side has 8X magnification, which is perfect for detail, touch-ups and any other beauty needs.

The mirror head also pivots on the pedestal for optimal viewing.

  • Available in a flawless chrome finish or a Classy Brass Finish: Choose ABOVE
  • Features: 3 Magnifications with Built-In Spot Mirror (8X/3X/1X)
  • Mirror Head Adjusts and Pivots for Optimal Viewing
  • Stylish “S-Neck” Design
  • Optical Quality Glass
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