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etac® AKTIV Reacher with Hooks
etac® AKTIV Reacher with Hooks
  • etac® AKTIV Reacher with Hooks
  • etac® AKTIV Reacher with Hooks
etac® AKTIV Reacher with Hooks

etac AKTIV Reacher with Hooks

Price: $17.99
Sweden Founder's Favorite

Aktiv Reacher with Hooks in 2 sizes

The etac® Aktiv Reacher with Hooks facilitates reaching and gripping for people with impaired arm and hand function, thanks to its light weight and the ergonomically designed handles. The jaws can both open wide as well as lift the smallest item. Features such as the hooks, make it suitable as an aid for dressing and undressing. They can be rotated and are fitted with patterned rubber on the inside to provide a safe, secure grip.

Choose 14.75 or 17.75" length above.

  • Length:  17.75 in / 45 cm or 14.75"
  • Weight:  4.2 oz / 117 g
  • Lifting capacity:  2.2 lbs / 1 kg
  • Claw of reacher can rotate 360 degrees by pushing forward
  • Magnetic pick-up in handle
  • Requires minimal strength or effort
  • Angled handle utilizes the strength in the hand
  • Index finger support on the handle gives improved precision
  • Lightweight with an ergonomically designed handle, ideal for left- or right-handed users
  • Hooks are ideal in helping one get dressed and undressed
  • The jaws can be set to two positions
  • All models have a magnet in the handle to help you pick up metallic objects
  • The handle is angled to utilize the strength in the hand and provide an effective grip
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