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Hi-Loo from Etac, Raised Toilet seat
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Hi-Loo from Etac, Raised Toilet seat
  • Hi-Loo from Etac, Raised Toilet seat
  • Easy detach
  • Angled Hi-Loo
Hi-Loo from Etac, Raised Toilet seat

Etac Hi-Loo Raised Toilet Seat with Arm Supports

Price: $250.00

Hi-Loo, a safer raised toilet seat.

Etac Hi-Loo fixed raised toilet seat with arm supports provides safe and secure transfers to and from the toilet. The Hi-Loo toileting system is ergonomically designed and has a recess for intimate hygiene at both front and rear to provide the best access. Hi-Loo toilet seat raiser has a fixed mounting that fits most porcelain toilet styles and is attached firmly and securely to the toilet.

Detachable with arm supports for flexible toileting system.

Hi-Loo fixed toilet seat has a detachable seat and the arm supports are foldable but can be permanently fixed in the folded down position. The unit is detachable and can be used with only one arm support if space is at a premium. The handy snap lock makes it easy to remove the seat when cleaning or adjusting to another seat height. The toilet seat's front edge has to be lifted when removing the seat from the toilet.
Please choose Standard, or Angled Version. The angled version is recommended when knee or hip mobility is challenged or restricted.
NOTE: Per industry policy, due to hygiene nature of toileting products, this item is non-returnable.

Hi-Loo Standard:

  • Height choice of 2.5" or 4"
  • 23-1/2"W x 18"D
  • width between armrests 19"
  • height of armrests above seat 9"
  • Weight capacity 286 lbs.

Hi-Loo angled:

  • Rear Height 4", Front height 2.5"

Hi-Loo Manual CLICK HERE

NON-RETURNABLE product due to hygienic nature of this type of item.

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