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Choice of 3 Prints
  • Choice of 3 Prints
  • Navy and White Floral
  • Pink and White Floral
  • Black/Multi-Floral
Choice of 3 Prints

Fabric-Wrapped Fashion Elegance Derby Cane

Price: $84.00 $69.99
United Kingdom

Extraordinary Fabric-wrapped Height-adjustable derby cane

This is a very stylish, high quality walking stick. The pale peachy-cream or black acrylic handle feels wonderfully smooth in the hand and provides excellent support.

Each shaft is made from premium grade lightweight aluminium, which is both strong yet very lightweight. It is then wrapped in a sealed, patterned fabric, which gives the shaft a lovely, slightly textured appearance.  The stick is height-adjustable between  approximately 26"-35.5"(67-90cm), and is fitted with a smart brass collar and a non-slip rubber ferrule. Ferrule diameter 5/8" or 16mm. Item weight is just under 10 oz, or 280g.

Choice of 3 color prints:

  • Navy & White floral (4098D) The pattern is of white strawberries, currants and foliage with pale pink touches on a dark navy blue background.
  • Pink & White floral (4098E) The pattern is of white strawberries, currants and foliage with pale blue touches on a warm-toned pink background.
  • Black handle/multi floral (4098F) The pattern features Chinoiserie-style flowers pink, yellow, blue, green and white with gold highlights on a black background.
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