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Make up Readers: Tortoise
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Make up Readers: Tortoise
  • Make up Readers: Tortoise
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Make up Readers: Tortoise

Flipsy Makeup Glasses by Melissa Eyewear

Price: $49.99 $39.99

Like reading glasses, but for Makeup Application!

What a smart idea...make up eye glasses for women. Flip down lenses one at a time, to ease make up application or contact lens insertion. A terrific gift idea.

When simple tasks require eyeglasses, putting on your eye makeup- or a contact lens- is a chore in and of itself that could have uncomfortable consequences.

No problem now with our easy to use makeup helpers with +300 magnification. Simply flip either lens down for the task at hand allowing the remaining lens to do the work! Now you are free to apply makeup while able to see sharp and clear.

  • Reading glasses size 5” x 1 1/16”
  • +300 Mag
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