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FotoDialer Telephone Companion

Price: $59.99
Idea for You!

“FotoDialer makes remembering 
a phone number as easy as
recognizing a picture.”

Instead of straining to read the small type of a telephone directory, or committing a telephone number to memory, now you just pick up the receiver, find the photograph of the person you want to call, and touch the button next to the picture. FotoDialer does the rest.
FotoDialer is not a telephone, it’s an accessory to your digital or analog telephone on an analog line. This new invention will simplify telephone calling for people who have difficulty seeing the keypad or dialing the correct number sequence. For some, a faltering memory can make telephone numbers hard to remember. FotoDialer makes it easy for the memory challenged to stay in touch with family and friends again.
FotoDialer© is an especially valuable safety tool for the young. In an emergency, dialing 911 is easy with FotoDialer. Pre-printed flash cards allow you to call 911 for fast, uncomplicated dialing to emergency responders. Telephone numbers to parents’ work or cell phones can be programmed into FotoDialer allowing children to contact parents in an emergency by finding Mom or Dad’s picture in FotoDialer and touching one button.
FotoDialer won’t interfere with your telephone. Just dial the number as you normally would. FotoDialer is portable and will work with any analog or digital telephone on an analog (non Voice Over IP) line. If you want to change numbers to match new pictures, reprogramming is quick and easy.



The FotoDialer telephone accessory is an accessory to any analog telephone where the user makes calls by pressing a photo. Sometimes called a photo dialer or photo button phone, the FotoDialer works with your existing phone and contains six pages with four slots per page, for a total of 24 programmable numbers and photographed contacts. When the user wants to make a call, they push the button next to the photo of the person or place they want to call. The FotoDialer, connected to an existing phone, dials the phone number for the user. The numbers stay in memory even if the batteries die or you use the FotoDialer with another phone. This accessory is perfect for the elderly, young, visually impaired, disabled or anyone that wants to make dialing easier.
  • Simplifies calling for those who have difficulty seeing the number pad or dialing the correct phone number sequence
  • Valuable safety tool for young children in emergencies
  • Works with any analog or digital telephone on an analog (non-VoIP) line
  • Holds 24 2" x 3" wallet-sized pictures
  • Uses two AA alkaline batteries (not included)  
FotoDialer Product Specs:
  • Size: 6.42 in X 7.87 in X 1.87 in
  • Material: High impact ABS
  • Weight: .93 lb (without battery)
  • Picture: 24 Wallet size 2x3 in
  • Operating Temp: 0C to +35C
  • Storage Temp: 0C to +40C
  • Power: (2) AA Alkaline (only)
  • Color: Grey and Transparent Green (Limited quantity of Transparent Green)

Please CLICK HERE for the User Guide/Manual

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