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Genuine Stout Blackthorn Knobstick
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Genuine Stout Blackthorn Knobstick
  • Genuine Stout Blackthorn Knobstick
  • blackthorn walking stick knob close-up
Genuine Stout Blackthorn Knobstick

Genuine Blackthorn Knobstick Walking Cane

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The Genuine Article: the
Legendary Blackthorn
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Onward, with a spirit in your step and a wanderlust in your eyes. You're stepping out with this, the legendary blackthorn walking knobstick with leather thong strap. Blackthorn is the traditional country walking stick and is highly sought after around the world. At ELDERLUXE we pride ourselves on providing the very best blackthorn collection of sticks and canes, and stand behind our collection.

Irish and European history of the blactkthorn.

Blackthorn can be found growing along the lanes and byways of Europe, especially Ireland and Britain and has long been used for walking canes and even the traditional shillelagh, or war club. Many will recall this form of the Irish Blackthorn. The plants are slow-growing and therefore produce a very hard wood, but great skill and experience are required to identify the branches suitable for the production of walking sticks. These can only be cut during a few weeks in mid-winter and have to be seasoned for at least two years before they are straightened, sanded and polished. No two blackthorn are alike. Of late there has been notable shortages of material, due to over-harvesting, diminished supply and a declining workforce willing to work around the prickly thorns of this native wood.

This genuine stout blackthorn walking stick has panache that you will appreciate and others around you will notice. Feel the wonderful round knob on your palm and experience the sturdy confidence this stick provides.  See our customer reviews to find out how satisfied they are with their blacthorn walking stick from ELDERLUXE.


  • Authentic blackthorn walking stick
  • Stout grade: these sticks are at least 3/4 inches thick at the neck.
  • Shaft: genuine blackthorn.
  • Handle: polished blackthorn knobstick.
  • 36 inch length variable-can be cut to size.
  • Natural wood, not rated for weight capacity.
  • NOTE: Not suitable for heavy or orthopaedic use.
  • Note: Fissures, cracks and imperfections are characteristic of natural wood canes such as these. Take care to store in a well-humidified area as well as drying the sticks carefully should they get wet. And like any cane, avoid dropping the stick and excess weight/leverage which may cause weakening or additional cracks.

Interested in Custom Sizing your genuine blackthorn walking stick?  We offer complimentary sizing on most canes (some canes are not sizable due to metal material or other factors).  Simply request sizing in the "Comments" section during checkout and we will see to it that your cane is sized accurately.

For information on How to Size your Cane and other common questions about walking sticks and canes, please click HERE for frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about walking canes.

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