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Genuine Stag Horn walking cane
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Genuine Stag Horn walking cane
  • Genuine Stag Horn walking cane
  • Complimentary Cane Strap included!
Genuine Stag Horn walking cane

Genuine Stag Horn Cane

Price: $279.99 - $299.99

Authentic Stag Horn Walking cane

"custom made upon order"

Genuine Stag's Horn walking cane features a naturally formed stag horn, for a firm handle on a artistically rendered spiral hand-grooved shaft. Wonderful scrolled silver ring accent make this a most spectacular accessory.

Make a style statement while walking tall and steady with this natural antler cane.

Choose your style: standard 36" or extra long 42". Each may be cut to preferred length size.

  • Genuine stag horn handle
  • Hand carved artistic spiral shaft
  • European chestnut shaft
  • Silver accent ring 36 inch length
  • Steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip
  • Natural wood, not rated for weight capacity.
  • NOTE: Not suitable for heavy or orthopaedic use.
  • Note: Fissures, cracks and imperfections are characteristic of natural wood canes such as these. Take care to store in a well-humidified area as well as drying the sticks carefully should they get wet. And like any cane, avoid dropping the stick and excess weight/leverage which may cause weakening or additional cracks.
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