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Polo Leather Seat Stick
On Sale
Polo Leather Seat Stick
  • Stylish Polo Seat Stick in choice of color
  • Polo Seat Stick: Brown Leather
  • Polo Seat Stick: Brown Leather
  • Generous leather seating area
Stylish Polo Seat Stick in choice of color

Polo Leather Seat Stick

Price: $229.00 On Sale $199.99

POLO Specator Seat Stick

A quite simplified version of the traditional leather seat stick, great for games, tournament viewing and casual days about.

The Polo styled leather seat stick is fitted with a ingenious folding ground plate to prevent the stick sinking into the ground when sat upon. The spiked ferrule helps you maneuver over uneven terrain and a rubber tip is available as an accessory for use of stick on hard surfaces(choose accessory above). The topmost section is fitted with a brown leather sling seat and matching covered handles. This is an efficient easily-carried stick to use at a multitude of events and occasions. 

  • Height adjustable in 2" (5.5 cm) increments from approximately 29"-39" (74-99cm) walking height
  • Approximately 22"-32" sitting height (56-81cm.)
  • Item weight is 2.3 lbs (1040g.)
  • The recommended maximum user weight limit is 220 lbs (100kg approximately 16 stone).
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