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LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror
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LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror
  • LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror
  • Adjustable Hewi LifeSystem Mirror
  • LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror
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LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror

HEWI LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror

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Take a good look at yourself with HEWI LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror. 

A wonderfully designed mirror that provides adjustability and customization with simplicity and ease. Whether you want to gander at yourself from a unique angle, demand a better view while sitting below the mirror, or perhaps you just like to make the view your own each and every day, this mirror is the ready and right solution.

A mirror crafted and designed to adjust to you.

The Hewi LifeSystem adjustable mirror consists of a rectangular plate glass mirror with rounded edges that can be comfortably tilted from 0 until 28° while seated.  The chrome-plated aluminum grip bar with Ultramid handle can be ordered in left-hand or right-hand position.

Multiple color choices available!

  • Rectangular plate glass mirror with rounded edges and integrated splitter guard foil
  • Can be comfortably tilted from 0 until 28° while seated
  • Grip bar can be used in left hand and right hand position
  • 27.5 in (725mm) wide, 29.2 in (741mm) high and 2.9 in (73mm) deep
  • Easy assembly with the enclosed corrosion-free HEWI mounting kit
  • Grip bar in chrome-plated aluminum, axis in powder coated, matte aluminum
  • With ergonomically shaped rail in polyamide in white or seven special order HEWI colours: ruby red, burgundy, steel blue, light grey, anthracite (dark) grey, blossom (light) yellow and lilac (light) blue
  • L/R options from point of view of user
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