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hickory derby
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hickory derby
  • hickory derby
  • Hickory derby handle cane, Brazos
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hickory derby

Hickory Twisted derby handle cane by Brazos Walking Sticks

Price: $105.00 $89.99
United States

A new twist using the beauty of Hickory Wood in a cane

The twisted shaft hickory wood walking cane features a beautiful signature twist spiraling down its shaft that is altogether functional and elegant. With its natural beauty complimented by its majestic twist, this cane is the ideal companion for nearly any occasion.
Hickory’s innate beauty, strength, and flexibility make this a choice cane for those seeking a strong and elegant walking aid.
The derby handle on the Twisted Hickory Walking Cane is fashioned from ash; like most of Brazos' handcrafted walking cane handles, it is attached to the shaft with a mortise and tenon joint for a strong, secure fit.
Like all of of Brazos' finely crafted walking sticks and canes, the Twisted Hickory Walking Cane is made in the USA by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality wood and time-tested methods. Every Twisted Hickory Walking Cane is carefully chosen, prepared, sanded, and finished with a clear coat lacquer to bring out its natural beauty.
  • Natural wood, not rated for weight capacity.
  • NOTE: Not suitable for heavy or orthopaedic use.
  • Note: Fissures, cracks and imperfections are characteristic of natural wood canes such as these. Take care to store in a well-humidified area as well as drying the sticks carefully should they get wet. And like any cane, avoid dropping the stick and excess weight/leverage which may cause weakening or additional cracks.
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