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Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch
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Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch
  • Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch
  • Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch
  • Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch
  • Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch
  • Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch
Great Grabz® Splash Plateau - 36 inch

Great Grabz 36 inch Plateau Grab Bars

Price: $175.99 $144.99
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Reach for a new Plateau in bath safety grab bars

The Great Grabz® Plateau grab bar has a sleek, linear design that works with today's forward thinking bathrooms.  No wonder they are the choice at high-end hotels and spas worldwide.

The Plateau Grab Bar is avaiable in multiple sizes: 12, 24, 36, 42 & 48 inches.

Think about using a beautiful Great Grabz safety bar in other areas of the house, where a hand-hold would provide added confidence. For instance, you might think about areas where you enter the home, at often used doorways, stairs, other ramps and inclines, etc.

Note: Great Grabz bars are custom made upon order.  Please anticipate multiple week lead time with some up to 8-10 week lead times. Your card will be charged upon order due to the custom nature of this item and GreatGrabz are non-returnable.


  • Concealed mounting
  • Hollow wall SNAPTOGGLE® mounting kit available: +$5
  • WingIt™ compatible
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F446 standards (local regulations may vary)
  • Conforms to ADA guidelines 


Bathroom grab bars are essential components for any home, but especially for seniors aging in place and others with balance or dexterity issues. Getting into and out of the shower is not as risky as ingress/egress from a bathtub but still elevates the risk of falls.  Bathroom grab bars or safety assist rails are included within the bathroom safety products recommended the most for preventing falls and accidents within the bathroom.

Grab Bars, or sometimes known as bath safety rails or assist rails should be considered for anyone with any issues regarding, dexterity, mobility or balance.  All will benefit from shower grab bars or bathtub grab bars.

Today's grab bars are found in a variety of finishes and appointments to complement any bathroom style.

Permanent Grab bars offer the greatest strength.  When it comes to installing bathroom grab bars onto the walls of a shower or bathtub, we most often recommend permanent installation.

Clamp-on Bathtub Safety Bars can be found as well- this type of bathroom grab bar is secured onto the side of the bathtub with a dial that clamps down securely onto rubber pads.

The grab bar extends up from the clamp (usually in a U-shape) and provides a stable surface to hold onto.

A bath area should provide at a minimum two stable, sturdy surfaces to hold onto when stepping into and out of a bathtub or shower (ie. two grab bars). They should be reachable by the person exiting the tub, able to hold onto both prior to stepping into or outside of the tub.

Bath safety grab bars that have a non-slip surface as part of the grab bar provided added confidence for the user(s). The metal types will have a "knurled" surface, a set of ridges to help with ensuring a firm grip. 


  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • 1.25 inch diameter
  • Distance from wall: 1.5 inches to back of bar
  • Mounting points (on center): 29 inches
  • Twist lock flange: 3 inch diameter  
  • 5 year limited warranty on defects, workmanship and finish  
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