Toileting and toileting safety aren't the top topics of conversation on anyone's bucket list, but as we advance in age and desire to live safely and independently, it must be raised in priority.  Here are a few ideas for toileting that make for a safer bathroom and toileting experience in the home.

Elevate your toilet seat(s).
Many public restrooms do this knowing full well it's a safer way to provide this service for customers.  We have all noticed (and appreciate!) that the seat is higher. A raised toilet seat makes it easier maneuver on and over the toilet,  providing less strain on your back, knees, and legs. Some of these types of toilet seats come with side arms for extra support when sitting down or standing up.

Install grab bars, safety rails, or a safety pole around your toilet
Grab bars (safety assist rails) can be an essential comfort in toileting, something we may not often think about—expecially placed on both sides of the wall of your toilet.

Portable commodes
For those of us who mobility issues, bring the mountain to Mohammed with a portable commode for safety and convenience and can be used in any room in the house. Heavy duty commodes are available for bariatric patients.


Toilet Safety and Assistance
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