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Silver Nose Cap Cane
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Silver Nose Cap Cane
  • Silver Nose Cap Cane
  • Includes FREE Wrist Strap
Silver Nose Cap Cane

Imported Castania Maple wood walking cane with silver nose cap

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Bold Castania maple crook cane
with brilliant silver cap

This crook cane provides a bold and beautiful statement at your side, every step of the way.  This men's imported Castania maple wood crook handle is sturdy and stylish with a rich cherry finish and genuine German alpacca silver nose cap that elegantly punctuates the crook handle.

Custom crafted and custom cut available,upon order; non-returnable item.


Genuine German-made crook cane

  • German silver nose cap 
  • 36 inch length
  • Steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip

Imported maple crook handle cane with a hand crafted Alpacca nose cap handsomely mounted on a 36" cherry finished shaft tapering from 7/8" to 3/4" . Replacement tip #8180008. Alpacca metal is an alloy of sterling silver and zinc with nickel added to increase its strength and prevent excessive tarnishing. The cap is imported from Germany. UPC 6 03832 75000 8, cane UPC 6 03832 18008 9

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