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Cardiac stress tests
Evaluate how the heart responds to the stress of physical activity for the purpose of determining if there is an abnormality. There are several different types of cardiac stress tests: An exercise electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors the heart by way of an electrocardiogram while the patient uses a treadmill or stationary bike; an exercise echocardiogram (echo) uses ultrasound images of the heart at rest and during peak exercise; a nuclear stress test measures blood flow; and a physiologic stress test, for people who are not physically able to use a treadmill or bike, uses drugs to stimulate the heart.
An individual who provides ongoing assistance and companionship to another adult who can no longer live independently. Most caregivers are unpaid family members and friends.

An opacity of the lens of the eye or the membrane that covers it, causing impairment of vision or blindness. Check Out Our Vision Products Here >>

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
As part of the Department of Health and Human Services, CMS finances and administers the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
Chronic Health Condition –
An ongoing or recurring illness or other condition that typically continues over long period of time and cannot be cured. It is often associated with disability.
Cognitive Impairment
Deterioration of intellectual ability. Symptoms include disorientation, along with impaired short-term or long-term memory and ability to reason. Cognitive impairment includes Alzheimer's disease and other forms of irreversible dementia.
Community-Based Services
Services designed to help older people live independently in their own homes, such as adult day care and senior centers.
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)
Housing communities that provide different levels of assistance, from independent living apartments to skilled care in a nursing facility. Residents move from one setting to another within the community, based on their needs.
Crook Handle Cane

Due to a strong resemblace this is often referred to as a shepherd's crook. A tourist or crook handle cane is probably the most common type handle associated with walking canes. The traditional style of these canes is appealing to both men and women.  The crook is a very traditional handle for a walking cane and the crook is formed by hot-steaming the wood for pliablility and then bending it around metal to create the curved shape for the handle.

Custodial care
The care provided to an elderly individual not related to medical care. Custodial care can include assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, bathing, meal preparation or travel. In-home caregivers, family members, assisted living facilities and nursing homes all provide custodial care to seniors. This foundational aspect of senior care is most often conducted by aids in senior care communities.
Bath Safety for aging adults and senior citizens
ELDERLUXE Gift Certificate for seniors
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