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Leki Wanderfreund AS Antishock DSS

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Founder's Favorite

Dynamic Suspension for the new Wanderfreund

Provides reduction stress impact by approximately 40%
Makes a great walking cane!

LEKI's new Dynamic Suspension System creates a softer, cushioned feeling to each pole plant as you journey along and is now available on our best selling Wanderfreund cane. The never version of the famed SpeedLock 2 guarantees secure support. And the ergonomic Aergomed grip provides the hand-in-glove feel you demand from a performance pole of this caliber. Adjust the cane to suit your personal preferences too!

Features of the new Wanderfreund (model no. 6362088-NA) with Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) Anti-shock (AS) system:

  • Optimal dampening features for a controlled pole plant.
  • Effective vibration dampening based on the elostomer being located near the point of impact.
  • AergoMED Grip
  • SpeedLock 2
  • Carbide Tip
  • Ultra Sonic Finish
  • Weight: 257g : 9oz
  • Length: 62-120 cm : 25.6"-47" 

OFFICIAL Authorized LEKI dealer

NOTE: Why is the Anti-Shock system more "firm" now than in the previous models I owned several years ago?

The Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) will still absorb 40% of the impact, protecting muscles, joints, and ligaments, just as previous antishock technology did before. But today's DSS is a complete re-engineering of how to reduce the shock and vibration from pole plants on hard rock.

The mechanism is positioned at the Flextip in order to be as close to the point of impact as possible. This location helps to immediately neutralize the pole-plant-shock and vibration instead of letting it travel farther up the shaft and well before it reaches the grip. Consequently, you may not feel an exaggerated movement of the antishock as before. It’s much more subtle now. Dynamic Suspension System DSS utilizes a specific external elastomer that works in concert with an internal stainless steel piston to soften the impact of each pole plant on hard ground and rocky terrain.

Top performance features from LEKI. Including:


Its ergonomic shape provides comfortable support while walking.



Extremely fast adjustment of the pole length.
30% smaller, 25% lighter and 20% higher holding force - at least.


DSS |Dynamic Suspension System

Reduction of the peak impacts by approx. 40% thus protecting muscles, joints and ligaments.




Super stable, extremely robust and very durable.



More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.


Made of vulcanised material.



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