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14K Gold "Bulb Nose Crook"
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14K Gold "Bulb Nose Crook"
  • 14K Gold "Bulb Nose Crook"
  • Complimentary wrist strap
14K Gold "Bulb Nose Crook"

Solid 14K Gold "Bulb Nose" Crook Handle Cane

Price: $7,500.00 $5,299.99

Gold Crook with Bulb Nose
Solid 14K Gold "Bulb Nose" Crook Handle Cane is the ultimate luxury walking cane.

Precious metal handle provides support and instant illumination in any room you walk into. You only live once.

Made with Genuine Ebony shaft. Custom size < 36". State preference within the comments section/box at end of checkout.

  • Imported from Germany
  • 14K solid gold
  • "bulb nose" style crook shape handle
  • Mounted on a 36" genuine black ebony shaft
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