Mobility Aids

Blackthorn wood is a type of oak tree and the popular canes made from their wood are known as the traditional Irish country walking stick and is highly sought after. Known commonly as Blackthorns or blackthorn walking sticks or even shillelaghs, the finish for these fine specimens is left organic and very often unfinished save for a slight overcoat of stain or clear lacquer.  

Blackthorn trees and bushes can be found growing along the lanes and byways of Europe and in particular the United Kingdom. The plants are slow-growing and therefore produce a very hard wood, but great skill and experience are required to identify the branches suitable for the production of walking sticks. These can only be cut during a few weeks in mid-winter and have to be seasoned for at least two years before they are straightened, sanded and polished. We only carry the very finest pick of the blackthorn harvest each year, to be used by you and your families for years to come.

Blackthorn Canes and Knobsticks
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