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Blackthorn Natural Crosshead walking stick

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Blackthorn Walking Stick with unique Crosshead Handle

This Blackthorn is carefully and organically grown to create a crosshead handle. There are few other walking canes available such as this.

The method of growing the crosshead style stick is unique: the tiny blackthorn sucker is uprooted when only a few inches high and replanted on its side, with soil ridged over it. To survive, the sapling sends up a shoot, which gradually grows in diameter until it is big enough to form the shaft of the walking stick. The plant is then uprooted again, and the root system is fashioned into the handle.

A strong and beautiful walking stick

The right angle that has been produced makes a very strong stick, because it has grown in that shape rather than being steamed and bent into position. As each root system is different, each of these sticks is unique. Sometimes the root system produces lots of 'toes' in the handle, sometimes a smoother handle results. Blackthorn wood is highly prized for the rich ruddy-black colour of its bark. The shaft is fitted with a metal ferrule and has an approximate overall height of 36" (92cm). Item weight is approximately 14oz (390g).

This walking cane is a true heirloom quality item, imported from the UK in limited quantities.

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