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Harvest pattern
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Harvest pattern
  • Harvest pattern
  • Complimentary Wrist Strap
Harvest pattern

Tea Party Harvest Festival adjustable walking cane

Price: $70.00 On Sale $59.99

Rejoice in autumnal bliss with this derby cane beauty

Dramatic and beautiful harvest pattern plays out from derby handle to tip in this aluminum adjustable walking cane.

A passel of autumn fruits with green leaves on a deep, burnt-orange background provide a striking look wherever you go.

  • Adjustable from 30.5-39.5", suitable for almost everyone, every occasion.
  • Includes a free wrist strap for convenience and functional aid.

This cane is adjustable! Adjusts to your preference with the click of a button:

(approx 30.5 - 39.5")

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