Mobility Aids

Folding Travel canes provide for convenience.

Folding and travel canes are made for convenience. Each of our folding walking canes conveniently fold, retract, or telescope into a convenient carry size. These canes will fit easily within a handbag or case when not in use. Elderluxe has a variety of travel canes in many different designs including: floral, black, carbon fiber and other patterns, color and styles. All travel walking canes feature their own case for easy storage. Some of our selections are even adjustable travel canes, whereby you can custom size your cane for proper length and fit for optimum balance and stability.

Folding Travel Canes
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Traveler du Monde Folding Travel Cane
Color Options
  • Trumpet Vine-Green Handle
  • Fuchsia-Red Handle
  • Wildflowers-Navy Handle
  • Dogwood-Blue Handle
  • Blackberry
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Voyageur Adjustable Folding Travel Cane
Color Options
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Pink
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Ergonomic Fischer Travel Cane
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