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Scorched Ash Sword Cane
On Sale
Scorched Ash Sword Cane
  • Scorched Ash Sword Cane
  • INCLUDES FREE cane strap!
Scorched Ash Sword Cane

Authentic Concealed Sword Cane

Price: $149.00 On Sale $129.99

Concealed Sword within a cane.

Unlike other cheaper imitations, this is a wonderful specimen, this imported crook handle conceals a 23" sword with a stainless steel blade. Accented with brass fittings, 36" long, and a wrist strap and tip also are included.  

Concierge NOTE: Sword canes are not accepted (or legal) in some states and/or municipalities.  Also these cannot be used for air travel or in other environments where security is highly guarded. Traveling by air or sea? Likely not allowed where areas are secured for safe passage.

Please check with your state Department of Public Safety, your local gun/knife smith, or local/municipal authorities to understand legality in your area. This could be considered a concealed weapon.

  • 36" length
  • 23" sword length
  • Sorry we are unable to custom size this cane
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Wood shaft, crook handle
  • Cane Diameter 1"
  • Cane Weight 1.0 pound
  • User Weight Up to 200 lbs
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