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Mobility Aids

Offset handle and ergonomic grip luxury canes provide a more therapeutic grip for those requiring a bit more attention to manual dexterity issues. These walking canes take your grip and use your strength in an optimized manner. This type of cane grip makes a great gift for anyone who needs a little extra support, especially due to hand and arm challenges. Ergonomic canes are specially designed for comfort, durability and style. The interesting look of an ergonomic walking cane handle is the ingenious design that fits your palm like a glove and evenly distributes your weight along the length of the shaft for added stability as well as comfort. Every ergonomic cane displays unique style as well as superb craftsmanship that will last for years of heavy use. More prefer the ergonomically designed canes than any other ordinary handled walking canes, for helping with both carpel tunnel syndrome and the many different kinds of painful arthritis and weaknesses found the the hand or arm.

The palm grip-style and other ergonomically designed canes are specially crafted to fit either the right or left hand, so please remember to choose the correct grip when ordering.

Ergonomic Walking Canes
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