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Mobility Aids

Extra Long, X-Long, XL, Hercules, and Bariatric canes are perfect for the heavier 200+lb. user. These are sturdier and heavier canes to provide a more stable environment for those heavier and taller than average.

It's important to consider bariatric items if you weigh over 250lbs. Those products that don’t have an adequate weight capacity could be unsafe to use. For example, when choosing walking cane it’s very important to consider weight. If the cane isn’t made to hold a specific weight it could be unsafe for both the user. Shafts could crack, not to mention the handles that directly support your hand and body. Safety is the primary reason to make sure you choose a walking cane with an adequate weight capacity.  Comfort for the bariatric user is also important.  Most heavy duty canes are longer, thicker and taller to accommodate your specific needs. carries a great selection of heavy duty and high weight capacity walking canes and your Personal Concierge is ready to help you decide if a heavy duty cane option is right for you.

Extra Long & Bariatric Canes
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