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Moen Premium Transfer Bench DN7105

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There is nothing else quite like this designer bath safety product, the Moen Home Care glacier transfer bench #DN7105. Moen's top designers have created quite the design shift in home living aids. You've never seen anything quite like it in bath safety products, and now it's available for you at ELDERLUXE.

With a wide, stable post leg and curved end, this premium transfer bench provides superior safety and easy transfer in and out of the tub.  A support handle with rubber grip aids in the transition from standing and sitting.  The sleek, ADA-compliant design combines innovative function with cutting edge style, something that is sorely missing in this bath safety category.


Learn More: Shower Seats and Bath Seating and Benches

Shower Seats
 are simple solutions that are designed to allow persons to sit while enjoying a shower. Constructed of materials that are water repellent and resistant, shower seats make it possible for persons who have difficulty standing to still enjoy all the benefits of taking a shower in the privacy of their own bathrooms. There are different models of the shower seat that will work in just about any size shower stall, including types that are easily stored away when not in use.
The most basic of all shower seat designs is the shower chair. The chair is usually constructed of sturdy but lightweight resin materials. Resembling a simple straight back chair, it is possible to purchase shower chairs with or without arms. Most models will include section devices on the feet of the chair, helping to minimize the chance for sliding or slipping one placed into the tub or shower stall. Because the resin material is water repellent and very light, it is easy to move the chair out of the shower enclosure when other members of the family wish to bathe.
Another type of shower seat is the retractable seat. This is often a simple hinged seat that is attached to the wall of the shower stall. Many models are made from hardwoods that have been treated for water resistance. When needed, the seat simply swings down and locks into place. After completing the shower, the user returns the shower seat to the upright position against the wall. This shower seat model is a more or less permanent fixture in the shower stall, but it has the convenience of not requiring the removal of the seat when others wish to stand while taking a shower.
In some homes, the idea of a permanent ceramic shower seat has become popular. This is especially true when all the occupants of the home prefer to sit during a shower. The permanent seat is fixed in place and covered with easy to clean ceramic tile. Similar models are constructed with marble, granite, and even materials that are traditionally used for kitchen countertops. In all cases, a shower seat of this type will be waterproof, germ resistant and easy to clean with standard bathroom cleansers.
Prices on various types of shower seats will vary. The resin shower chairs are very inexpensive, and are ideal with temporary health issues make it more comfortable for people to shower while sitting down. The retractable hardwood seats are also relatively inexpensive, but should be installed by a professional. Permanent seats in the shower area tend to be the most expensive, but are well worth the cost if the need for sitting during daily hygiene is a necessity.
Note: Returns are not accepted on this item, due to its hygiene nature.


  • supports up to 400 lbs.
  • complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications
  • seat measures 33" wide x 18" deep
  • 16.5" to 21" adjustable height fits a variety of tub and shower styles
  • non–slip seat surface
  • glacier finish for a bright, clean white look
  • limited lifetime warranty

Home Care® by Moen® Premium Transfer Bench

  • View Full Manual HERE
  • Includes basket organizer and hand-held shower holder
  • Innovative leg design for superior stability
  • Easy Grip support handle
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Spacious seat with rounded end for easy transfer: 32 in wide by 18 in deep
  • Ergonomic back design
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Adjustable height: 16.5 in to 21 in
  • Handgrip size: 2.95 in x 4 in
  • Leg Dimensions: outside width-29.5 in, inside width-23.5 in
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Best in class: Home Care® by Moen® Premium Transfer Bench, model DN7105
  • Non-returnable hygiene item.
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