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the Obus Pro massager
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the Obus Pro massager
  • the Obus Pro massager
  • Pro Massager
the Obus Pro massager

Obus Professional Body Massager with AC Adapter

Price: $130.00 On Sale $89.99

Relieve stress and Create a more relaxed state

  • Dual pulsating heads designed to deliver a kneading massage of up to 3,000 pulses per minute
  • Variable speed control provides a gentle to an exhilarating massage with the slide of a switch
  • Three custom sets of massage head attachments offer soft or firm massage applications
  • 3 arm extension for hard to reach areas
  • Convenient front handgrip helps stabilize the unit for a concentrated massage
  • Neoprene covered handle for a comfortable and firm grip
  • Lightweight to ease application on the shoulder, arm, and wrist
  • Attractive metallic finish
  • 9.5 line power cord
  • On/Off switch
  • Velcro cord wrap strap
  • 110V AC adapter *
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