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Obus Ultra Seat™ Cushion
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Obus Ultra Seat™ Cushion
  • Obus Ultra Seat™ Cushion
  • a great feeling! ObusForme Seating
Obus Ultra Seatâ„¢ Cushion

ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion

Price: $75.00 $59.95

Contoured, for body benefit from ObusForme

The unique design of the ObusForme Contoured Seat Cushion encourages proper alignment between the pelvis and spine, assisting circulation through the lower extremities for extended sitting comfort. The advanced design of this seat cushion evenly distributes your body weight and reduces pressure points by adding cushioned comfort to the tailbone thighs.
  • Cushions your tailbone, sitting bones, and thighs to help alleviate pressure points and assist circulation
  • Polyurethane foam absorbs compression and dissipates vibration created in moving vehicles
  • Ideal for periods of prolonged sitting and for helping with pressure sores
  • Removable front section is easily unzipped to allow for use with narrow chairs and benches
  • Lightweight and portable for use in home, office, vehicle, wheelchair or anywhere you sit

Wonderfully paired with the ObusForme Backrest

  • Encourages proper alignment between pelvis and spine
  • Evenly distributes weight and helps improve circulation
  • Cushions your tailbone, sitting bones and thighs to help alleviate pressure points
  • Polyurethane foam absorbs compression and dissipates vibrations: ideal for moving vehicles
  • Removable, by zipper, front section / panel for smaller seats and benches
  • Lightweight and portable: use anywhere
  • Tabs allow attachment to the ObusForme Backrest to create the ideal seating system
  • Molded, impact resistant polycarbonate frame
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 3.5 inches
  • Choice of four colors
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