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Men's Australian slippers
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Men's Australian slippers
  • Men's Australian slippers
  • No-slip Sole
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  • Open toe
Men's Australian slippers

Old Friend Footwear Australian Sheepskin Slippers for Men

Price: $59.99 $29.99

Like an old friend, the comfort of sheepskin!

Old Friend Footwear Australian Sheepskin Slippers are adjustable, for your foot comfort. There is nothing more comforting than slipping into a pair of authentic Australian sheepskin slippers.  Sueded pigskin leather outer with sheepskin lining mean maximum comfort through and through.  And nothing could compare to those of the genuine article from Australia Unlimited, with adjustable strap and open toe for a custom fit for everyone on your list.

Everyone has a different pair of feet, in shapes, sizes and needs.   Even diabetic or overly sensitive feet will discover that Old Friend Step-In Open Toe slippers deliver. Easy to put on and take off, these are terrific both indoors and out, with an anti-skid safety sole that helps steady your stride.

Abut Old Friend Slippers

Since 1981, Old Friend Slippers has developed a line of slippers unmatched by competitors. Their process produces an almost silk-like feel to their sheepskin. They've removed all textile bindings in favor of garment grade pigskin and have sewn-in detail to avoid any chance of irritants coming in contact with bare feet. Old Friend was also among the first to offer a 100% sheepskin insole instead of the cheaper processed wool used by many.  Enjoy your pair of Old Friend Footwear Australian Sheepskin Slippers today! 

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