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Orthopedic Palm Grip, Shock Absorbing!
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Orthopedic Palm Grip, Shock Absorbing!
  • Orthopedic Palm Grip, Shock Absorbing!
  • Comfortable ergo palm grip!
  • Palm Grip with Shock Absorbing TIP
  • Shock Absorbing Feature
  • Right or Left Hand
  • Free Wrist Strap
Orthopedic Palm Grip, Shock Absorbing!

Orthopedic SHOCK-ABSORBER Palm Grip Cane -Right or Left

Price: $129.00 $99.99
United Kingdom

Reduce Shock, with this Advanced Palm Grip cane

A very practical and comfortable walking stick that helps reduce your stress on any number of levels.

The ergonomic shaped handle spreads the user's weight across the palm of the hand making it comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

The visible shock absorber mechanism reduces the 'jarring' caused to the wrist and elbow joints each time the cane makes contact with the ground.

The plastic handle and aluminium shaft are both black; the shock absorber mechanism is chrome plated for a smart appearance. Fitted with a non-slip rubber ferrule, the cane is height-adjustable between 77 and 100cm (30"-39"). Ferrule diameter 3/4" or 19mm. It is fitted with a screw-tightening attachment, to ensure a firm fit and no irritating rattling sounds when the cane is in use.

Cane available in left or right handed versions; often bought as a pair. Item weight is just under 1 lb. or 450g.

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