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Brown marble derby bamboo cane
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Brown marble derby bamboo cane
  • Brown marble derby bamboo cane
  • Bamboo, gold marble derby handle
  • Bamboo shaft, brown pearl fritz handle
  • Free wrist strap included!
Brown marble derby bamboo cane

Pearl Marble Handle Bamboo Cane

Price: $80.00 $69.99

Get a handle on this new bamboo cane option

Here's a wonderful bamboo specimen that's a tropical delight to use as your walking cane.

The 100% genuine bamboo shaft is ringed with a gold collar and, at its apex, sits a beautiful acrylic fritz style handle. Suitable for both men and women, the gentle saddle curve of your handle allows you to hang this wonderful accessory over-arm when necessary or from a chair while dining. Beautiful swirled colors complement the warmth of the cane.

Imported from Spain.

Specify preference for custom sizing and add size requirements at checkout.

Note: Organic style canes are not weight rated; use care when using. Bamboo canes are best for minimal support and better for balance.


  • Genuine bamboo shaft
  • Brass (gold hue) ring collar
  • 36" length, can be cut to size.
  • 7/8" diameter/ tip size
  • Imported from Spain.
  • UPC 6 03832 72140 4, cane
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