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Pince Nez Reading Aids, Readers
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Pince Nez Reading Aids, Readers
  • Pince Nez Reading Aids, Readers
  • Pince Nez readers
  • Checker version, Pince Nez readers
  • tortoise frames for Pince Nez readers
  • Unique WOOD design Pince Nez readers
Pince Nez Reading Aids, Readers

Pince Nez custom retro readers from Italy

Price: $214.00 - $229.00

New look at reading glasses.

Take a look at this new European accessory to land state side, the Pince nez. Simply perch this spring-loaded reading aid on your nose and fasten the handy clip to your shirt, sweater or jacket.
These readers are designed with flair as a retro accessory with lots of European attitude. An elegant hard case is included with our compliments.
Made in Italy for Melissa Eyewear, New York.
Please choose frame style and power of magnification above.
Note please, Pince Nez are custom made for you. This item may not be returned, exchanged or refunded. Thank you in this regard.
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