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Pocket Dresser™ Portable Dressing Aid
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Pocket Dresser™ Portable Dressing Aid
  • Pocket Dresser™ Portable Dressing Aid
  • Pocket Dresser Dressing Aid: Blue version
Pocket Dresser™ Portable Dressing Aid

Pocket Dresser Portable Dressing Aid

Price: $45.00 $29.99

Ultimate dressing tool: the Pocket Dresser by Vivi

The Pocket Dresser is an independent living aid you won't want to live without.  Although different in appearance than a traditional stick-and-wire-loop buttoner, the Pocket Dresser goes much further to assist you in dressing chores and solves the shortcomings of a wire loop that bends easily and breaks frequently. 

Buy two, one for home and one for the road. Keep one in your toiletry bag-dop kit at all times for your convenience.

All four tools are manufactured from fully hardened 301 stainless steel. They are tough, but will flex slightly and maintain their original shape. All are extremely versatile. The large buttonhook is easily capable of buttoning new, thick, denim jeans. The closed-loop buttoner and small buttonhook are ideal for medium sized shirt buttons down to delicate collar shirt buttons. The zipper pick, the most specialized tool of the group, functions not only as a zipper pull but also as a pick to pry out buried zippers tabs and undo knotted shoelaces.

To further assist handgrip and dexterity, an adjustable strap has been engineered into the tools' spine. The comfortable strap gives you security and leverage in the most difficult dressing operations. Additionally, large 15mm. open triangles above each tool are consecutively indexed to allow identification by touch or feel and reduce or eliminate deployment fatigue. A convenient, reversible, pocket clip is also provided to secure the tool for travel, whether in a pocket or purse.

All the tools can be positioned at any angle in relation to the handle to help with limited arm and wrist movement. Simply grab a tools’ triangle and open it to any angle you need. There are no locks or buttons to work when using any tool. A spring-tensioned design secures the tool to the handle and allows for wear, over time.

  • Why does your dressing tool cost more than others?
    The components of the Pocket Dresser™ are high quality stainless and aluminum. This increases costs compared to other stick and wire buttoners. Additionally, the shapes of the tools are laser cut and every tool is highly polished which adds to the expense compared to less quality buttoners.
  • Will the Pocket Dresser™ button my thick jeans?
    Most definitely, Yes. The large buttonhook has been specially engineered to work all jean buttons, even button fly, effortlessly. Watch the videos on this site to follow the rotate technique and see how quickly this tool will get you back into your jeans!
  • What kind of metals is the Pocket Dresser™ made of?
    The Pocket Dresser™ tools are made of pre-hardened 301 stainless steel. This steel is designed to flex slightly and go back into shape. It is similar to the best Oneida® flatware one can buy. The handles are made of high-grade aircraft aluminum and are hard anodized to color.
  • Large and small button hook.
  • Closed-loop buttoner.
  • Zipper pick.
  • Accomodates a wide range of button and zipper sizes.
  • Folds neatly into a pocket knife style handle.
  • Weight: 4.1 oz (115g).
  • Tool Material: 301 stainless steel (fully hardened).
  • Closed Length: 4 87 in (124 mm).
  • Open Length: 8.6 in (219 mm).
  • Handle material: Aircraft aluminum (hard anodized).
  • Vivi Brand
Limited lifetime guarantee.
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