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Panties Bikini white front
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Panties Bikini white front
  • Panties Bikini white front
  • Panties Bikini white profile
  • Panties Bikini White Profile
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  • Panties Bikini black front
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  • Panties Bikini black profile
Panties Bikini white front

ProtechDry Women's Incontinence Panties

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Portugal Founder's Favorite

ProtechDry® Women's Incontinence Panties

With a genesis within a fine undergarment design studio in Portugal, wonderful lingerie quality comes to women's incontinence panties. ProtechDry women's reusable panties feature built in absorption in the crotch area for those with ambulatory incontinence.

ProtechDry's bikini and maxi cut panties are absorbent, made of a patented multifunctional fabric with a large capacity for absorption. Its use is similar to that of a piece of underwear. It is especially recommended for occurrences of light urinary incontinence (urine losses of up to 3oz, 40ml/day).

Light bladder leakage or mild urinary incontinence affects millions.
It can be caused by a variety of conditions including urinary infections, pregnancy and childbirth, bladder stones, cancer, neurological damage caused by things like diabetes and Parkinson’s; or simply from just having weak bladder muscles.
There are a few solutions to this problem, but until now, they have been far from perfect.
ProtechDry® is a range of women’s and men’s washable cotton underwear that helps you effectively and stylishly manage light urinary incontinence.


ProtechDry should be worn with the same care as any other underwear item and may also be machine washed using cycles of up to 60 degrees.

DO NOT use bleach.

The absorbent area of ProtechDry should never be ironed.


90 Washings
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