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Malacca  Walking Cane
Malacca  Walking Cane
  • Malacca  Walking Cane
  • INCLUDES FREE cane strap!
Malacca Walking Cane

Rare Malacca Wood Walking Cane

Price: $199.99

Rare found specimens: Classic Malacca Cane

Genuine vintage "bent" Malacca wood walking cane with natural tapered shaft.  One of our valued importers discovered a hidden cache of these after assuming ownership of an overseas trader.  They appear to be single bark malacca canes!  Enjoy them while available, no two malacca are ever identical. When a walking cane becomes more than a stick, it appreciates that much more as a collector's item.

Organic character of this wood makes it more suitable for balance versus full orthopedic support.

Includes a FREE walking cane wrist strap ($7.99 retail value) with our compliments!

Interested in Custom Sizing your Malacca cane or walking stick?  We offer complimentary sizing on most canes (some canes are not sizable due to metal material or other factors).  Simply request your cut size <36" for your Malacca in the "Comments" section during checkout and we will see to it that your cane is sized accurately.

For information on How to Size your Cane and other common questions about Malacca walking sticks and canes, please click HERE for frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about walking canes.

  • Malacca is a species of rattan from Sumatra
  • Full bark appearance-no steps
  • Malacca is lightweight, yet very strong, with a "spine" running along its length
  • Natural taper
  • No two Malacca are identical
  • Perfect for "Cane Self-defense/protection"
  • 36 inch length (may vary slightly); custom cut available with our compliments!
  • Rubber traction tip with steel insert for durability
  • Complimentary wrist strap-can be removed 
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